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Edmonton, Alberta

A big birthday was looming on the horizon for me and I really wanted to freshen up my face. I was noticing more heaviness to my eyes and just overall felt like my face needed a refresh. The Plexr treatment was the prefect solution for me. It tightened my heavy eyelids and also tightened my lower face. I feel so much better when I look in the mirror now. I feel like my face better reflects my inner youthfulness! Thank you Melisse!


Edmonton, Alberta

I would look in the mirror and see hooded eyes, a mole on my nose and skin tags everywhere. I heard of the Plexr and loved the non-surgical direction. Melisse listened to my concerns and was a very calming and understanding presence. In an hour and a half I had two eyes done, forty skin tags removed and a mole removed. I was impressed at how relatively painless the procedure was. Healing was interesting, the first couple of days I was swollen, however that did not last long. It has been two months since the procedure and it continues to show improvement. I would recommend Melisse and the Plexr to anyone!

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A picture can provide you with a thousand words. This client went through the Plexr treatment and had outstanding results.